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25 Random Things About Me

2009.02.10. 02:45 Lodovik Trema

1. Movies could never make me cry. [The Brokeback Mountain was pretty close though]
2. I didn't talk at all until age 4. [A doctor thought I was retarted]
3. I was born in Hungary, but it's not my home - since I was 13 I have felt like I didn't belong there.
4. I can't be happy with my life - no matter how cool it can be - I always want more and go further.
5. When I meet liberals I love to pretend that I'm a hard core conservative. 
6. I played the song 'No Surprises' of Radiohead 216 times since last January.
7. I drink a lot but I have never been totally wasted.
8. I hate those people who think that they are allowed to humiliate others just because they are smarter.
9. Gays keep hitting on me in London! I get at least one offer each week. 
10. I love to watch movies alone in the cinema, because I hate to share my popcorn!
11. I am addicted to series. I made a calendar to keep myself updated about the new episodes. My favorite ones are Mad Men, Californication and Lost.
12. Crying people make me angry and angry people make me laugh.
13. I think that philosophers are wasting their time and should get a proper job for fuck's sake!
14. One day I'm gonna learn to play all the Coldplay songs on the piano.
15. When the flat is empty, I turn off the lights, play some music [it's been Franz Ferdinand lately] and I start to sing and dance.
16. I read the CIA World Factbook when I get bored. I know all the European countries, their capital cities, population and GDP.
17. I have never had best friend - I'd like to make decisions alone and keep the secrets for myself.
18. I supported McCain during the US elections 2008! 
19. I lie a lot to myself so I don't have to face my biggest mistakes.
20. If I will ever have a son, I'd like him to study at Eton College.
21. I don't like to talk about shallow things. I try to push thing forward and talk about life and death with a person I met for the first time.
22. People think that I love myself the most, but they have no idea what I could do for those I really love.
23. I don't believe in God and I love to argue with religious people about their belief. I refer to the Bible as 'that stupid fairy tale'.
24. When I talk to myself in my head it's all in English.
25. I HATE Wednesdays. All the bad things happened to me on Wednesdays. I always feel tired and very sensitive. If there's a God out there, he uses this day for torturing me. But you can't break me wanker! HEAR ME? NEVAH!

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Duffman 2009.02.12. 18:16:44

1. And how about The Terminator?
2. The World just wasn't ready.
3. Yeah... 2001 was a tough year. But you shouldn't blame Hungary for 9/11.
4. Nothing, and everything is possimpible.
5. But you're an environmentalist.
6. Great song.
7. And how about the summer of 69?
8. Don't be so hard on yourself.
9. Try a new hair color.
10. But you share your salsa. it's EVERYWHERE!!!
11. A real addict never makes a calendar. never. A real addict hires someone to get the episodes before it's aired.
12. Laughing people make me cry. It's a perfect circle.
13. Republicans too.
14. No comment.
15. That's how Tom Cruise got into some serious trouble. (Risky business - great movie)
16. To be 100% correct: read AND write.
17. That's the definition of a spy.
18. You always go for (with?) the underdog.
19. That's the first symptom of all mental diseases.
20. Poor kid.
21. Not once in 10 years...
22. Like Lindsay Lohan?
23. And the Bible refers to you as Charlie.
24. British or US English?
25. Don't piss him off.